Malissandre Group has a team of professionals specialized in tourism and real estate sector. Additionally, we create collaborations with other local professionals, or with specialists in a specific area, depending on the project.

Currently, we maintain collaboration agreements, among others, with:

-Architects and technical professionals highly qualified and specialized in our sector. Together with them, we develop the “Concept Design” of each project.

-International Project Management Company, to optimize the management of construction and rehabilitation works for the assets, and later, control the works in order to avoid deviations in costs and/or deadlines.

-International financial advisors specialized in real estate and tourism, to offer in each project of investment a personalized international investment strategy when it is necessary.

-Tax, legal and economic advisers to get general advices and search for the most suitable investment vehicle in each case in order to optimize the security and taxation of investments; preparation of legal studies and national taxation applicable to each of the operations; preparation of business plans of the operation, study of the different alternatives, preparation of budgets, treasury forecasts and financial statements of the investment project. Profitability studies.

Additionally, when it is necessary, we also develop punctual collaboration agreements with international hotel chains, specialized managers of student or senior residences, as well as companies specialized in theme park design or management.