About us

Malissandre Group has an experienced team of specialists in tourist and real estate sectors.

Our job is to identify significant projects in unique locations and establish a development and optimization plans for each project in order obtain a product that offers first-rate profitability. Occasionally, we also collaborate with private and institutional investors, to identify, evaluate and select assets that fit with their investment portfolios, assessing their income objectives and risk profile, and jointly developing the project.

With this objective, we count on professionals and partners to perform the following essential functions in our work:

  • Development and creation of new projects in the themes of Malissandre (parks, residences or hotels to be restructured)
  • Imagine more innovative concepts for existing projects
  • Reorganize and optimize management
  • Create dynamic communication and active marketing of the projects
  • A rigorous, adapted, and relevant legal analysis
  • A tax optimization
  • Evaluation of investment criteria, financing or refinancing of the project